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Terminal and Equipment
Cooper/T. Smith de México has a 600 meter water front and a 22 hectare storage area. The terminal has two docks allowing the berthing of vessels up to 260 meters long, beam of 32.2 meters and up to 80,000 tons of dwt.

Dock 1, with 5 tons per square meter capacity and an official draft of 40 feet (12.20 m), is equipped with two Clyde 24 duty-cycle cranes with structural boom for 36 tons and an unloading capacity of 600 tons/hr each. The cranes are mounted on rails, being able to move throughout the whole length of the ship, also having a system to spin on their own axis, which gives them a great handling capacity. Also, this berthing position is equipped with a 48” wide and 600 m. long conveyor system to operate bulk cargo. These conveyors are fed by two hoppers on the dock which receive the material directly from the cranes, and they have a capacity of 1,600 tons/hour.

Dock 2, with a cargo capacity of 15 tons per square meter and an official draft of 40 feet (12.20 meters), is designed for operation of heavy bulk materials, steel products and pieces of great volume. This dock is equipped with three Clyde 20 duty-cycle cranes with structural boom for 18 tons and unloading capacity of 300 tons/hour each.

For the different types of cargo, Cooper/T. Smith de México, has 25 different grabs with capacity of 15, 10, 8, 5, 4, 3.5 and 2 cubic yards which allow the handling of any type of products (density and grading).
Cooper/T. Smith de México has a capacity of up to 22 hectares of open air soil-cement high impact and resistance storage yards which allows the adequate handling of the cargo. These yards have the necessary equipment for moving the different materials from the dock to the yards and vice versa as well as for the loading/unloading of trucks and railcars.
The yards of the terminal have 560 meters of railroad tracks in a double spur for loading/unloading as well as an external operations yard allowing the daily operation of up to 300 railcars.

The Terminal has an excellent connectivity with the rest of the country by road or railroad. Rail infrastructure and equipment allow us to load /unload up to 300 daily railcars as we have 560 meters double rail track spurs inside the Terminal.
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